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National Theatre Arts Company

The National Theatre Arts Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NTACTT)

The National Theatre Arts Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NTACTT) was established in 2009.

The NTACTT was established as part of the Ministry of Arts and Multiculturalism’s plan to foster “…the development of the arts and heritage of Trinidad and Tobago in a cultural environment that frees our nationals to engage in diverse cultural activities and provides a suitable platform for creative expression.”

The goal of the NTACTT is to “…develop the theatrical ethos and preserve and explore the folk idioms of Trinidad and Tobago.”

What are our plans?

  • Explore the various styles and theories on local theatre produced by local writers/creators and directors;
  • Present selected works which advance the indigenous theatrical ethos;
  • Expose works of “masters’ and ‘cutting edge” dramatists twice yearly;
  • Incubate and develop new works and ideas which explore the local folk heritage;
  • Preserve the physical records and accoutrements generated from productions; and,
  • Generate interest in the art form through new, high quality local work.