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Naparima Bowl

naparima bowlNaparima Bowl comprises an amphitheatre to the south of the premises, made of concrete tiers on grade supported on the soil. The amphitheatre slopes down towards the stage in a south to north direction, with a radial dimension of approximately 30 metres. This area is not covered at the moment, and is therefore exposed to the elements of the environment. Its holding capacity (seated) is 2,500 persons.

The main building at the Naparima Bowl houses the auditorium, the stage, the control room and the fly tower. The dressing rooms are located in the wing which runs east-west as an adjunct to the auditorium. At the eastern end of the wing, one of two bars/refreshment areas can be accessed; the other is located at the eastern edge of the paved patio space.

The fly tower consists of two levels covered with a lightweight roof and can be found just south of the auditorium. The control room is two storeys high and contains the audio-visual and control equipment to create stage effects. The auditorium seats approximately 500 persons, and is outfitted with an orchestra pit at the base of the proscenium stage.

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