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Culture Division

The Division of Culture is charged with the responsibility of supporting and guiding the development of the artistic manifestations of our culture. The support is rendered through funding, training and lending technical skills and expertise to cultural and religious organisations, national cultural organisations and deserving individuals.

The Division is also responsible for policy development and implementation within the culture sector.

Through extensive research the Culture Division engages in the collection, protection, promotion and dissemination of elements of Trinidad and Tobago’s rich cultural heritage.

Heritage preservation is critical to the very fabric of our society and our nation, and the Division continues to work diligently towards achieving its goals in this regard.

Some of the projects and programmes spearheaded by the Culture Division include:

  • The National Registry Of Artists And Cultural Workers
    This initiative facilitates access to various benefits for artists and cultural workers and was developed as a direct result of Trinidad and Tobago being a signatory to the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) with the European Union. Among other benefits, the National Registry certifies the cultural work of individuals and organisations in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • The Remember When Institute
    A repository of all our “memories” which provides access to the general public to a storehouse of our intangible heritage. The Institute uses a systemized approach to the continued recording and storage of our cultural influences and traditional artforms for future generations.


Contact Information:

Culture Division Office:

1 (868) 225-4362
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1 (868) 627-1061
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1 (868) 625-8519
1 (868) 627-4991

Culture Division Sub-Accounts Unit
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Cultural Research Unit
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National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers
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