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Dedication-of-the-Sundar-Popo-Sundarlal-Popo-Bahora-Theatre-in-SAPA-aDr. The Honourable  H.  Lincoln Douglas, Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism, officially named the theatre in the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts the Sundar Popo (Sundarlal Popo Bahora) Theatre.

Douglas said, like its NAPA compatriot, the Lord Kitchener Auditorium, the Sundarlal Popo Bahora Theatre will be home to a variety of cultural and national events.

A dedication stone was unveiled commemorating the naming of the theatre after renowned chutney star, Sundar Popo and several cultural artistes, Rikki Jai, Super Blue, the Susan Mohipp Dance Troupe, and Triveni were on hand to pay tribute to Popo's life accomplishments.
Minister of Public Administration and Member of Parliament for San Fernando West, Carolyn Seepersad Bachan complimented the Ministry on the initiative and challenged it to honour other cultural icons like Black Stalin, James Lee Wah, Ras Short I and others, "perhaps (on) a wall" in SAPA.

Other Ministers were on hand for the dedication ceremony, Minister of Housing and the Environment, Roodilal Moonilal and Legal Affairs Minister, Prakash Ramadar as well as members of Popo's family including his wife, Keyso Bahora, who accepted a replica of the dedication stone on behalf of his family.

Seepersad Bachan said Popo made a huge impact on the cultural world and had managed to bridge the gap between calypso and Indian cultural music when in 1997 Black Stalin sang his tribute to Sundar Popo and won the calypso crown.