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The-National-Philharmonic-presents-InformanceIn June, 2013, under the auspices of the Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism, the establishment of the National Philharmonic Orchestra was started on a pilot basis.

The pilot involved bringing together of an ensemble of trained musicians to undertake a three-month period of rehearsal and preparation of symphonic work. On Monday 23rd September, 2013 the National Philharmonic Orchestra (Ensemble) began rehearsing a symphonic repertoire of classical for today’s presentation. Three-hour rehearsal sessions were held twice per week under the direction of the interim Music Director/Conductor, Dr. Roger Henry.

On the 2nd December, 2013, after approximately twenty (20) rehearsal sessions, the Ensemble presented its works-in-progress utilizing an informative and informal presentation called ‘Informance’.

An informance was an informative and informal opportunity for patrons to see what the Ensemble had been able to accomplish after 20 rehearsal sessions. It replicated a typical rehearsal session and allowed the members of the select audience of government officials, dignitaries and other specially invited guests, to see the ensemble in action.

Informance served several key purposes including:

  • informing stakeholders, about the National Philharmonic Orchestra;
  • communicating the objectives of the project;
  •  building support for its continued existence and work.

This was also an excellent opportunity for the musicians to gain experience in advocating for their art.
The quality performance of the ensemble underscored the need for the existence of the National Philharmonic Orchestra in Trinidad and Tobago.