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The day that marks the arrival of our East Indian ancestors to the shores of our land is a key component to our shared national identity.  The Indentured labourers carried with them many elements of their heritage to the shores of Trinidad & Tobago, aspects which have helped shape the cultural landscape of our culture and people. This truth can be seen in everything from our food, our clothing, our music and our language. Such an important part of our local history deserves to be properly recognized and commemorated, not just for the East Indian community but for everyone who calls themselves a citizen of this rich nation.

In honor of this momentous occasion, the Ministry of Community Development, Culture & the Arts has launched the Indian Arrival Day commemorative exhibition.This presentation is currently being displayed in the North Terminal entry way of the Piarco International Airport.  It startedfrom May 24th and will run until June 9th 2016.

This informative presentation highlights elements of Indo-Trinidadian tradition which stem from practices passed down for years by the first indentured laborers brought to our shores. Traditions which have helped shape both the cultural and religious landscape of Trinidad & Tobago, in everything from clothing, to music and expressions of worship. It is the Ministry’s honor and privilege to showcase this important aspect of our shared cultural heritage to the general populace, in celebration of the arrival of a cross section of our national community.

This display is the latest in a series of Ministry presentations which have graced the airport venue. Most recently, the Research Unit mounted the Spiritual Baptist Liberation Exhibition, which ran in March of 2016. Each new exhibition speaks to an important part of our nation’s diverse history and the distinct, yet shared elements of its many people.