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The Brass Section led by Section Leader Rellon Brown of the National Philharmonic Orchestra entertains the Princess Elizabeth Centre


The Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts via the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Trinidad and Tobago recently conducted several music workshops on June 3rd at the St. Jude’s Home for Girls, June 6th at the Princess Elizabeth Centre and June 9th at the Finbar Ryan Geriatric Home.

 The outreach programme was aimed at exposing students and the elderly to classical and symphonic music.  Moreover, the initiative gave youths at the St. Jude’s Home for Girls and The Princess Elizabeth Centre the opportunity to interact and network with professional musicians regarding careers in the music industry.

During the interactive one-hour sessions at the various venues, participants were introduced to the instruments and educated about the objectives of the NPO.

The educational outreach programme concluded with performances by the Brass Section of the NPO.

The performance repertoire included King Austin’s “Progress”, Brother Valentino’s “Stay up Zimbabwe” and Mavis John’s “God Bless Our Nation” which drew muchexcitement and applause from the audience.

Collette Yee Loy of the National Philharmonic Orchestra interacts with a member of the Finbar Ryan Geriatric Home