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It was an unforgettable story and riveting performances as the National Theatre Arts Company of Trinidad and Tobago presented Victor Questel’s Two Choices at the Central Bank Auditorium on June 17-19. 


(L-R) Pulbasie (Arayana Mohammed) with lead character Queenie (Syntyche Bishop) at the Central Bank Auditorium

Although, the play was written three decades ago, it is still relevant in today’s contemporary society.  The extraordinary cast was able to deliver a thought provoking play, presented with sensitivity, a degree of humour and exploration of several subject matters such as empathy and compassion for the destitute, entrepreneurship and other socio-economic issues.  The cast comprised of Syntyche Bishop as Queenie, Lalonde Ochoa as Ramraj, Adam Pascall and Marvin Dowridge as Van, Shivonne Churche-Isaacs as Pinkie, Aryana Mohammed as Pulbasie, Fabrice Barker and Eugenia Lemo. 

2 choices

Van (Marvin Dowridge) consoles Pinkie (Shivonne Churche-Isaacs) on the set of Victor Questel’s Two Choices at the Central Bank Auditorium

Indeed, Director Belinda Barnes, together with stage manager Giselle Langton, costume designer Greer Jones-Woodham, set designer Edwin Erminy, lighting designer Rondelle Alleyne, makeup artist Adafih Padmore and the actors have truly created a successful piece of theatre.

Furthermore, an exhibition was mounted at the venue to highlight the work of the late playwright Victor Questel. His work includes 60 poems, several short stories and four plays namely Two Choices, One Man and His Dog, Playroom and Sufferer’s Sound.

The Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts was pleased to facilitate the theatrical production “Two Choices” by Victor Questel.  This play is part of the “Spirit of a People” initiative which seeks to highlight the work of cultural icons, who through their works in dance, music, drama and other elements of the performing arts, have helped to shape the cultural landscape of Trinidad and Tobago.