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 CREATIVE CREATIVITY 2016: Participants at the Final Presentation of the Create Future Good Cultural Camp at the Mucurapo Girls School in St.James

The 2016 Cultural Camps culminated on a high note with a combination of exhibitions, showcases, performances and video presentations from July 27-29, 2016.

Cultural Camps is an annual programme of the Culture Division of the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts geared towards creating cultural and heritage awareness for children aged 9-17 years.  This initiative aids in preserving the various local cultural art forms while enabling communities to create cultural legacies by providing meaningful, developmental activity for young persons.  Camps are conducted throughout Trinidad and Tobago in collaboration with several stakeholder groups such as Arts Groups, Cultural Organizations, Community Groups and Umbrella Bodies, Schools and Vacation Camps. 

This year, camps were held at eighteen different venues during the vacation period 11th – 29th July, 2016.  Some of the camps were conducted by Brother’s Road Empowerment Group, Create Future Good, Santa Rosa First Peoples, Thick Village Community Council, Tamana Pioneers, Roadblock School for the Arts and Christ Child Convalescent Home. Each camp hosted fifty participants and covered a wide range of topics related to the arts and local heritage including performing arts (dance, drama and music); literary arts and visual arts with three areas of focus: a landmark, a personality and a festival.

There were several outstanding Cultural Camps for 2016.  One such camp was the “Create Future Good” Cultural Camp which was held at the Mucurapo Girls School in St. James.  In this camp, participants obtained practical knowledge and experience in video production with emphasis on directing, script writing and TV production.  As a result, students were able to produce a Cultural Quiz presentation video for television on four national icons: Media icon Allyson Hennessy, Master artist Leroy Clarke, iconic Mas designer Peter Minshall and the Grande Dame of Caribbean dance Beryl Mc Burnie.

Additionally, participants were educated on the career opportunities available in the sector and given the opportunity to visit the CNC3 television station in Port of Spain to obtain practical experience of “a day in the life as a television reporter.”


 Students of the Create Future Good Cultural Camp outline the career of iconic Mas Designer Peter Minshall

At the final presentation of the camp on July 27, Nadella Oya, Director of Create Future Good stated that she was impressed by the children and their phenomenal ability to learn.  She affirmed that “the children are the positive future for Trinidad and Tobago.”

The event ended with the presentation of certificates to all participants by a representative of the Culture Division.

student and mom 

Nadella Oya, Director of Create Future Good with Keona Belmontes who was awarded the Most Hardworking Participant by her peers

The Technical Camps which target young people aged 19-25 years and the Music Schools in the Community with Artist in Residence Roy Cape and Leston Paul continues at the following venues:

Technical Camps (July-Sept 2016)

  • Koko Karibi Designs- Belmont; Area of Focus: Jewellery Making
  • Secondary Schools Drama Association – Point Fortin;  Area of Focus: Tech Theatre
  • Gabriella D’Abreau Visual Arts Design Studio – Maraval; Area of Focus: Visual Arts
  •  DianJen Media Co Ltd Gasparillo; Area of Focus: Music Production and Management
  • Wenz n Frenz- Port of Spain; Area of Focus: Hair and Make Up for Stage
  • The Maurice Academy of Design and Craft- Curepe;  Area of Focus: Jewellery Making
  • PACE Foundation-Mayaro; Area of Focus: Literary Arts

Music Schools in the Community (June –September 2016)

  • Potential Symphony – Barataria
  • Pan Jammers – Santa Cruz
  • Golden Hands – San Fernando
  •  Sangre Grande Cordettes – Sangre Grande
  •  Amarjyoth Sabha Mandir – Cunupia