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Participants of the World Cultures Connect Training Intensive in October 2015



Arts and cultural practitioners from Trinidad and Tobago, the Pacific and Africa will be heading to Scotland later this month to showcase their work in two prestigious events: the annual Edinburgh Festival and the Visiting Arts International Producers Breakfast 2016.

This initiative is part of a larger project known as the Culture Works Connections which connects artists across Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific to international networks.  This initiative is led by Visiting Arts, in partnership with the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and the Arts via the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers of the Culture Division, The Africa Centre in South Africa and the Pacific Arts and Culture Foundation in Suva, Fiji. 

Financed by the European  Union and implemented by the ACP Group of States, these activities are aimed at building a community and lasting network of creative businesses in more than fifteen countries in the Pacific, the Caribbean and Africa over three years from 2014 – 2017.   

While in Edinburgh, participants will have a special opening reception where they can interact and network with key stakeholders in the Scottish creative industry. It will also include the opportunity to be part of the World Cultures Connect Professional Exchange workshop day on August 24 at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre. Moreover, this visit will involve the sharing of experiences and ideas to form new collaborations, exchanges and partnerships with UK industry leaders and international producers, programmers and creators.

According to Visiting Arts, organisers of the visit to Edinburgh, the intended purpose of the initiative is the feedback of the knowledge, experiences and connections gained from the opportunity in Edinburgh by participants to their local networks, expanding the potential of international collaboration within the arts and cultural sectors, enhancing sustainability of creative industries and contributing to job creation and the alleviation of poverty. 

Artists and cultural workers in Trinidad and Tobago are encouraged to be part of this new window of opportunity by registering with the National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers at the Culture Division of the Ministry.

Participants were selected as Creative and Cultural Ambassadors for their respective countries following intensive training sessions via World Cultures Connect Creative Skills Training programme which were initiated in October 2015 in Trinidad, Ethiopia, Malawi, Fiji and at the Festival of Pacific Arts in Guam. One of the objectives of the training programme held in Trinidad which targeted artists and creative practitioners was to increase awareness and knowledge of the existing platforms, tools and opportunities available in order to grow their creative businesses through the promotion of their work to local and international audiences and form meaningful partnerships and collaborations.

The representatives from Trinidad and Tobago are:

  • Damian Whiskey : Folkloric Carnival performance artist (Midnight Robber), storyteller and tutor.
  • Mtima Solwazi : Founder and Festival Coordinator of Caribbean New Voices International Festival of Spoken Word & Cascadoo/Roots Foundation.
  •   Patrice Briggs : Artistic Director of Arts in Action


Damian Whiskey and Patrice Briggs discuss a workshop element at the World Cultures Connect Training Intensive in October 2015