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The St. George East Administrative District of the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and  the Arts, in collaboration with The Quays Foundation hosted an outreach entitled “HIV/AIDS –Act Now” at the Tunapuna Market Walkway on Thursday, 1st December 2016, in commemoration of World Aids Day 2016. 

The main purpose of the event was to educate, empower and reduce HIV/AIDS infections in the communities and the public.   The sensitization programme took the form of role playing, to reinforce certain facts and enhance the message being delivered. 

The role plays were as follows: 

1) Tableaus-these are frozen frames (about discrimination, sexual impurity) accompanied by signs that portray what the images are depicting 

2) Sketches- these are short plays based on conflicts that will be resolved through the best social solutions

3) Playback Theatre- repetition of a line or action that depicts a particular message 

4) Flash Mob- random co-ordinated action 

Persons were also informed of the Ministry’s programmes and services through the distribution of brochures.