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Media Release

The National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago deeply regrets the demolition of McLeod House, an architectural splendor, in Chase Village, Couva, sometime over the last weekend.

According to available records, McLeod House was built by W.J. McLeod circa 1868 and stood proudly for an extensive period as a structure unsurpassed by any other in its magnificence.

Having recognized the building as a critical part of Trinidad and Tobago’s built heritage, the National Trust moved swiftly to have the House listed on its official Inventory of Heritage Sites, with a view to preserving its grandeur for years to come.

The National Trust therefore strongly condemns the actions of those responsible for the destruction of this magnificent structure. Ironically, this lack of forethought and insensitivity was manifested at a time when our nation is celebrating a golden jubilee of Independence and coming to terms with who we are as a people.

It stands to reason that all of our cultural artifacts in their myriad forms contribute greatly to our unique legacy, our history and our identity. We are all the poorer without them - particularly when they are destroyed in the callous fashion as witnessed with McLeod House.

The National Trust of TT wishes to use this unsavoury and unfortunate occurrence to highlight the fact that all of our heritage sites must be respected accordingly. In the event of any uncertainty regarding care, conservation, demolition or destruction, the National Trust stands ready to assist all stakeholders prior to any irreversible action being taken.