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The National Steel Symphony Orchestra and Drums of India to perform at The Naparima Bowl on Friday May 11, 2012

Last Tuesday the band room of the National Steel Symphony Orchestra (NSSO) was buzzing with activity as visiting musicians from India convened an energetic practice session with members of the local steel ensemble.

Drums of India, a band led by Peravali Jaya Bhaskar is set to collaborate with the National Steel Symphony Orchestra at SteelFesTT (currently underway at venues throughout the country) in what promises to be a scintillating showcase of Indian classical music sprinkled generously with selections from NSSO’s Caribbean songbook.

The melding of the musical talents demonstrates two truths:  music is truly a universal language and patrons of the Naparima Bowl are in for a treat at Friday’s concert which starts at 8.30PM.

Bhaskar and NSSO music director Jessel Murray skillfully navigated the 40 musicians through a range of compositions, even as they worked on scoring the pieces to be presented at the Naparima Bowl. 

Formed in 2007, the National Steel Symphony Steel Orchestra comprises some 30 pannists, many of whom are graduates of the music programme at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine campus. As part of its mandate NSSO performs at official State functions and conducts training and outreach projects in schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago. Currently the orchestra is making expert use of the G-pan innovation which affords a wider musical range and fuller sound than its forerunner.

Operating under the aegis of the Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism, the NSSO is proud to be a part of SteelfesTT – a collaboration between Pan Trinbago and the National Gas Company. The orchestra views its participation as a rich opportunity to demonstrate the continuing evolution of the steelpan as a powerful and versatile percussive instrument; one that is equally at home with orchestral arrangements as it is with syncopated Caribbean rhythms.
Photo credits: The Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism

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