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Message from the Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism
Dr. the Honourable Lincoln Douglas

In this signal year marking the 50th anniversary of Independence of Trinidad and Tobago, I am delighted as Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism, to extend warm Divali greetings through this souvenir publication.

Celebrating the Festival of Light is a deeply rooted tradition which inspires a lasting commitment to the God of one’s individual and collective understanding. It also refreshes and renews that untethered devotion to family, community and country, as we experience the beauty and power of the lights, dotting our island landscape.

In the same way that we cleanse our hearts and minds in preparation for the season, we can make even more tangible contributions towards sustaining the legacy that distinguishes this national holiday. Consciously choosing good over evil, therefore, can create a world of opportunity for us, as citizens of this beloved country.

At the Ministry we are adamant that the projects we initiate and support overwhelmingly facilitate the transfer of knowledge between battle-tested experts and young, aspiring and enterprising novices in a range of disciplines. Additionally, we recognize the significance of doing foundation work today, so that tomorrow, it would redound to the benefit of our children and our children’s children. Such is the basis of our “legacy” projects in our culturally diverse and multi-ethnic society.

Similarly, it would be nothing short of myopia to fail to recognize the admirable efforts of the editor and editorial team of this publication over the years. The work that is being done through this magazine to keep our communities engaged, inspired and informed, invariably qualifies as a legacy initiative. I, therefore, commend your decision to focus this year’s edition on telling the stories of the unstinting contributions of our Trinidadian and Tobagonian writers of Indian ancestry, who excel in various literary genres.

That’s the sort of action we commit to supporting. It clearly embraces a legacy that we can leave - long after the celebrations have ended and the Divali lights have been extinguished.
Continued success and best wishes for a blessed Divali 2012 to all our citizens!

Lincoln Douglas, PhD
Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism