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Literary Arts

The island has produced some stellar writers over the generations. Among the best-known are Michael Anthony, Lloyd Best, CLR James, John La Rose, Earl Lovelace, Ian MacDonald, Nobel Laureates VS Naipaul and Derek Walcott, Elizabeth Nunez, Sam Selvon, Julian Kenny, and former prime minister Eric Williams.
Monique Roffey and Amanda Smyth are among local writers who have published internationally successful books recently: Roffey’s novel White Woman on a Green Bicycle was shortlisted for the 2010 Orange Prize, and won the 2013 Bocas Prize. Both visited Port of Spain to launch their books.

Book launches, readings and lectures take place at the National Library, UWI, the University of Trinidad & Tobago, the National Museum, and at bookstores.

Look for fiction, plays and poetry from Lisa Allen-Agostini, Robert Antoni, Tony Hall, Earl Lovelace, Ian MacDonald, Shani Mootoo, Nobel Laureate VS Naipaul, Elizabeth Nunez, Monique Roffey, Sam Selvon, Lawrence Scott, Amanda Smyth, and Elizabeth Walcott-Hackshaw, to name but a few. For writing on local history, culture and environment, see Michael Anthony, Lloyd Best, Anthony de Verteuil, Bridget Brereton, Gérard Besson, CLR James, Kim Johnson, John La Rose, Julian Kenny, Eric Williams, and Discover’s sister organisation Prospect Press.

Their work is available at libraries, and fine book stores like the Readers Book Shop and Paper Based in Port of Spain, and Nigel R Khan and RIK nationwide, and a great time to experience some of the finest Trinidad & Tobago and regional literature is during the annual Bocas Lit Fest (the Trinidad & Tobago Literary Festival).

Source: “Trinidad Arts & Culture: An Overview, Discover Trinidad & Tobago. Reproduced with permission from MEP Publishers.