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Other Genres

During the past fifteen years Caribbean Jazz has grown from strength to strength carving out its own identity. There are a few bands and performers scattered throughout Trinidad and Tobago whose music is specifically devoted to this genre. The most noteworthy groups include Élan Parlé and Moyenne who continue the work of icons in the field such as Clive ‘Zanda’ Alexander and Errol Ince.

Although Caribbean Jazz has a small but dedicated core fan base, its popularity has grown due to the many Jazz festivals present in the Caribbean.

The Tobago Jazz Experience takes place annually in April and highlights both local Jazz as well as the indigenous music of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. International artistes are also added to the roster every year.

Trinidad and Tobago from since the 80’s has always had a vibrant underground rock and heavy metal scene. During the 90’s and early 2000’s these groups grew in popularity leading to annual rock shows in the western peninsula.